President’s Message

The Next Challenge for Public Relations

As information consumption behavior shifts dramatically, so, too, does the processes by which people make decisions. Our approach must change accordingly. Strategic storytelling is vital to reach stakeholders in an increasingly complex media ecosystem.


In addition to achieving short term goals, we are also seeing a renewed focus on branding as a vehicle for sustainable business growth in the medium and long term. However, rather than simply polishing an organization’s image, branding efforts now entail comprehensive reputation management that extends to every aspect of perception among stakeholders and the general public. It is imperative to remain mindful of target audiences while building understanding and advocacy. Public relations provides a platform to lead public advocacy through dialogue with society and open and transparent approaches.


With this in mind, Dentsu Public Relations regularly conducts extensive surveys in areas such as corporate attractiveness, corporate PR capabilities, and risk management frameworks through its in-house research outfit, the Corporate Communication Strategic Studies Institute (CSI). Based on the insights from the findings of these surveys alongside third party data, we develop compelling content that resonates, designing strategic delivery plan and meticulous execution in pursuit of our clients’ continuing success.


Our focus is on social innovation. This is the next challenge for public relations. Through a process of social innovation we remain strongly committed to our clients by addressing their challenges harnessing our expertise.


Kazunori Azeyanagi
President & CEO
Dentsu Public Relations, Inc.