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Communicating: A Guide to PR in Japan

Home to the world's third largest economy, Japan is a market that cannot be ignored, but doing business here can be perplexing for many foreign organizations. Language barriers and a lack of understanding about the local culture and media can trip up even seasoned communications veterans. We are here to bridge the gap, and connect you with your target audience.




Since its first edition in 1988, Communicating: A Guide to PR in Japan has been the only English-language publication that explores the way public relations is practiced in Japan.

It has been produced by a team of Japanese and foreign PR specialists and created to provide PR practitioners with practical recommendations rather than academic theory. Though published by a leading PR company, Communicating aims to give an objective account. Its purpose remains one of advising executives of foreign companies and organizations on the best way to achieve effective communications in Japan.

The 2014/2015 edition reflects changes in the media landscape and other factors that have altered the way information is gathered and distributed in Japan.

Communicating is written from the perspective of a public relations agency rather than that of an organization’s in-house PR office. However, corporate communications and PR managers of foreign firms in Japan contributed to the content.


PR in Japan / Choosing and Working With a PR Agency
Part 1 : Media in Japan
Media Relations / Newspapers and Magazines / News Agencies / Television/ Radio / Internet / Media Groupings / Press Clubs / Japanese Media Representation Abroad / The Foreign Press in Japan / News Distribution Wire Services / Media Monitoring / Key Points for Dealing with the Japanese Media
Part 2 : Communicating with Your Stakeholders
Survey / Internal Communications for Organizations / B-to-C Marketing /B-to-B Marketing / Investor Relations / CSR Communications / Public Affairs in Japan / Crisis Communications / Advertising
A. Useful Contacts / B. Japan at a Glance
Paul Holmes

“The Japanese public relations market is unique, and can be extremely challenging for overseas companies used to a very different media relations environment. Dentsu’s Guide to PR in Japan is a unique publication, packed with useful information and great case studies, that serves as great guidebook for anyone entering the Japanese market for the first time?although it also contains a ton of up-to-date and actionable information for anyone managing PR in the world’s third largest economy.”

Paul Holmes Founder & CEO The Holmes Group

“Every marketing professional should have a copy on hand! It is bound to be an award winning book and the subject of conversations at meetings and work.”

Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D.Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and PublicRelations Northwestern University Editor,The Handbook of Strategic PublicRelations and Integrated Marketing Communications.

Editorial team of Communicating: A Guide to PR in Japan

Editor-in-chief :
Kyoko Fujii Takagi
Editors :
David James Vickers Kei Timothy Yoshida Kensuke Manaka
Special thanks to Russel McCulloch and Mariko Takasu