Public Affairs

Dentsu PR provides consulting and solutions which help its clients to communicate with key stakeholders regarding policy and regulatory changes

Today, the know-how of the private sector is often required in public policy making. This holds true in Japan just as it does elsewhere. For that reason, policymakers need to talk with businesses in the policy making process, so there are increasing opportunities for corporations to share their opinions. It is essential that foreign corporations also follow movements in policy formation and engage in efforts to ensure their voice is heard in the policy making process.

Japan has its own unique policymaking system which has long been dominated by a central bureaucracy; however, the current ruling party is trying to control the helm of policymaking. Lobbying is not conducted on the same scale as in United States or Europe and there is no regulatory system in place to supervise such activities. Generally, in order to influence the policy planning process, individual corporations petition politicians, and make statements through industry associations and economic organizations. A high degree of importance is placed on generating advocacy through partnerships with NPOs and NGOs, and communicating their position to the public through the news media. Indeed, when seeking to shape public opinion in Japan, it is important to be aware of just how big an influence communications that secure publicity via the media can have on the general populace here. 

Accordingly, it is necessary to select a partner that has a strong relationship with the media, NGOs and NPOs. Dentsu PR is a pioneer in Japan, and over its 50-year history it has engaged in many award-winning public affairs campaigns. The Dentsu PR team is comprised of staff with knowledge of policymaking including former journalists, consultants from the non-profit sector, former aids to lawmakers and government officers.Moreover, Dentsu PR has a track record that is well-respected both in and outside of Japan. 


Research and analysis of policy trends

Prior to the launch of a campaign, information is gathered to build strategy including interviews with concerned parties.

Planning of public policy communications

Based on a situational analysis, the campaign is planned and team comprised of internal and external experts is formed.

Message development

Stakeholder specific messages are developed to educate and engage.

Communication activities

Campaigns are implemented by leveraging the right combination of communications measures such as media relations, social media engagement, and collaboration with advocacy groups.