President’s Message

Engaging in Dialogue with the Public:
Content for the New Media Ecosystem

代表取締役社長執行役員 畔柳一典

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by a swirling mass of information. Against this backdrop it is crucial to ensure that the messages we seek to convey are compelling enough to reach those whose minds and behaviours weare aiming to change. For this reason, we must create content that both resonates with our target audience and is relevant to the new media ecosystem. The capacity to engage in dialogue with the public has always been important, but the need to actively pursue improvements in this area is now greater than ever.

At the same time, B2B, B2C and other once-dominant, two-way approaches to communications can no longer suffice. It is my firm belief that, by properly embracing the new media ecosystem­­—in which “paid,” “earned,” “shared,” and “owned” (PESO) media are intricately interconnected—we will be able to foster genuine engagement among our target audience.

But what sort of skills are required by modern brands as they seek to set themselves apart, enhance their reputation, and position themselves as leaders in their given field? Creating entertaining viral videos is a quick way to garner widespread attention, but on its own is not enough to sustainably grow a company or add value to a brand. What is required in this day and age is the ability to create content that can inspire and empower people. To that end, we must listen to the voices of our audience among the deluge of data. The insights this brings will enable the creation of “purpose-driven” content, with a strong sense of business, brand, and social purpose.

It is through a combination of creative ideas, powerful content, and strategies rooted in an understanding of Information technology and the complex media ecosystem, that we at Dentsu Public Relations will remain strongly committed to the continuing success of our clients’ businesses.

Kazunori Azeyanagi
President & CEO
Dentsu Public Relations, Inc.